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Bestselling author Kelli Estes comments…

“With lovingly flawed characters and a touch of the paranormal, SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER is a heartfelt story about the complicated relationships within a family and the healing power of truth. I could not put it down!” — USA Today bestselling author Kelli Estes (TODAY WE GO HOME and THE GIRL WHO WROTE IN SILK)

I’m so grateful to Kelli for her support!

One Step at a Time

It’s been hectic, but in a good way! The Amazon preorder window for SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER opened on May 9, and the book was ranked a #1 New Release!To say I was over the moon barely begins to scratch the surface. More like out among the heavens. A huge thank you to all of those who have ordered copies!

The official release date of May 26 is fast approaching! It’s been an interesting and surprising journey. My belief in lifelong learning has helped me to research how to navigate the publishing world at a time when, because of COVID-19, things are anything but “business as usual.” Read more

In Gratitude

I’m excited and grateful to be able to launch my author’s website. I’d like to say a sincere “thank you” to the people in my life for their encouragement and support as I completed my novel, Someone to Watch Over. First, much love to my amazing wife, who keeps me surfing over the waves that inevitably roll in, over, and through the highs and lows of creativity.

I’m also grateful to my family and friends and my fellow writers in Seattle, with whom I’ve sweat over pages. I began as a storyteller in the film world writing screenplays and, although that experience has given me a solid grasp of narrative foundations, it’s been heartening to grow beyond the limitations inherent in that literary form, particularly time constraints; you can only tell so much story in a two-hour film. Read more