An award-winning author and screenwriter, William has earned accolades throughout his writing journey. He began long-form storytelling by writingLow resolution head shot feature films and has earned top screenplay recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowship Program and Amazon Studios, as well as numerous Best Screenplay awards at film festivals throughout the country.

Pivoting to fiction writing, William’s debut novel, Someone to Watch Over, won the Rising Star Award from the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. The book tells the story of Eleanor “Lennie” Riley, who returns home hoping to learn the fate of a child her estranged father made her give up for adoption 25 years ago, only to learn he has died, taking to his grave the answer she craves.

Desperate to find her only child, seat-of-her-pants Lennie sets out on an emotionally charged childhood vacation re-creation with her fastidious older brother to find a mythical angel in the Appalachian Mountains who can supposedly put children in touch with their departed parents.

Love weaves families together across generations. But can it stitch the divide between life and death? Lennie’s answer hinges on a make-or-break risk that either will lead to inconsolable heartbreak or a second chance at love with the child she never knew.